And the rest....

Feet - The Disc Rotator™ is made of massive Swedish air craft grade aluminium, with a construction comprising opposing neodymium magnets making the plinth virtually air floating and contact free. The magnetic forces are effectively shielded within the massive aluminium construction.

Base - The Disc Rotator™ base is made of Swedish air craft grade aluminium, damped with visco-elastic polymer, and levelled by three adjustable and discretely integrated spikes with aluminium cups.

Record clamp down system - The Disc Rotator™ accessories: A stainless steel and carbon fibre record clamp with mechanical and piezo electric damping function. A stainless non magnetic steel periphery clamp down ring designed to be removable on the fly. This combined system is as good as a vacuum clamp down system but without all the hustle and maintenance of a vacuum system.

Tone arm - Not included. Standard tone arm base-plate: SME-standard mounting. Other tone arm mountings on special order. You can use 9” or 12” tone arms, The Disc Rotator™ has 2 tone arm mounts. When using one tone arm the other mount is disguised under a discrete logo plate.