The unique Platter design....

Platter - The Disc Rotator™ platter is a 45mm tri-laminate construction weighing ca 12kg, made of stainless non magnetic steel, a vibration absorbing compound, and acrylic. Integrated static electricity reducing system.

Sub platter - The Disc Rotator™ sub platter is made of Swedish air craft grade aluminium, effectively damped to reduce mechanical vibrations. Mechanical loop: tone arm – platter is achieved by ingenious use of a fine ruby ball. This construction reduces mechanically induced vibration propagation.

The Disc Rotator™ has an inverted bearing with bearing house in massive oil bronze. Bearing shaft is extremely finely polished to sub micrometer finish, and made of an advanced ceramic with even lower friction than diamond. Excellent bearing tolerance, individually matched components. A Ø6mm ruby bearing ball. Damped thrust plate in pure diamond on wolfram carbide. Oil film lubrication.

Opposing neodymium magnets relieving the bearing ball and thrust plate, thus make the effective bearing ball / thrust plate force < 10N / 1kg. The pivot point of the bearing is finely aligned to the centre of mass and gravity of the platter. All in all – minimal bearing rumble and optimal rotational characteristics.